#13: Do Better Mornings

depression stress Jun 13, 2019




If your morning time is a source of stress and late-starts, you are among good company. Even “morning people” aren’t born with a supernatural well of happiness that’s tied to the dawn. Good days begin with good routines, and the good news is that they can be created.

In this episode, Philip and Mike share the story of how their mornings came to be and why a satisfying quiet time is such a powerful ingredient for a productive day. They show that with a little intention and some helpful tactics (found in today’s episode freebie), anyone can achieve a morning that sets them up for success.

When fear and dread cloud our thinking, a solid morning routine can provide some much-needed distance and perspective. It’s time to kick worry, depression and negativity in the teeth before you even have breakfast.


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#6: Shrinking Stress with Daily Rituals

lifestyle mindset stress Apr 06, 2019



Nothing prolongs an episode of bipolar disorder like persistent and elevated stress. Our special brains are uniquely designed without the "shock absorbers" that others have to help them cope with changes and challenges.

So what's a person to do? Well I'm glad you asked!

The best practice in stress management is to attack your trigger(s) with daily rituals that put you in control of how much they affect you.

Listen as Mike gives a special "mini-training" on how to engineer every day with activities that keep the mental beatings at bay!


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