#22 Pretty F-ing Invincible

mania Aug 15, 2019




What do you get when you combine excited brain chemistry with ordinary pressures and frustrations? Well, if your brain is mixing ingredients with a mental disorder like bipolar, the cocktail can produce some frighteningly powerful sensations of well being.

It sounds like a good deal—to have more well being and self-belief than you know what to do with—but the results are disastrous. The emotional state of invincibility is what leaves your finances, your family, and your fun set up for ruin.

You know you’ve been there if you ever thought, “I can do ANYTHING”, or “There are no consequences”, or “The rules do NOT apply to me.” In this episode, Mike opens up to Daniel that the sensation of invincibility lingers every day, even with the proper medications in place.


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#7: Gaining Family After Crisis

family lifers mania May 02, 2019




When mental illness strikes it often leaves your family confused and afraid. Confused because they no longer recognize your language and behaviors, and afraid because it's hard to understand what to do in order to help you.

Mike and Erin relive an episode where he came looking for her while in a mixed manic state with psychosis and paranoia. 

Find out why a low-key approach from loved ones can keep a bad situation from getting ugly! 

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  • Don't try to replace family with outside supporters. They're not wired up the same way to love...
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