Tools That Take Me Farther

I customize a number of new technologies and a few old-school favs to keep me pointed in the right direction, more often.

Way of Life

I use the premium version of this app to manage my success in having an ideal day. Just plug in the elements you want to track for being your most stable self. Simple visuals let you see when you’re veering off course.

Way of Life app logo

Habit Bull

It’s been said that people don’t decide their future. They decide their habits, and their habits decide their future for them. I track 1-2 new habits at a time until they stick, so I can move on to a better me.

Habit Bull app icon

Journals (Various)

I keep multiple digital and physical journals (and now a team of whiteboards) to document my reading, plan progress in my business/life, do weekly “power reflections”, and conceptually advance my various visions. There’s nothing better than taking a look back in your recordings and seeing how far you’ve come!

Journaling icon

Special Journal: #WINS

I use this tiny journal as part of my bedtime routine. I reflect on my day and record three instances where something went right, or where I won out over a challenge, or received some encouragement. I even count my #FAILS as part of my #WINS, because I always learn something. Using this journal makes going to bed a refreshingly peaceful experience!

Special journal icon

Sleep Cycle

This app is my go-to for sleep tracking. It documents the quality of my Zzz and allows me to analyze the effects of food, social, and work (stress) on my sleep pattern. It has an intelligent alarm that wakes you in your lightest sleep phase so you rarely receive a rude “jolt”.

Sleep Cycle app icon

Make It Work for You

Don’t see an app or a tool that you absolutely love? Share it with us over on The Bipolar Now Podcast Group on Facebook! We’re all about letting technology streamline our lives. And how to make better use of it for mental health. Join today!



I’m shocked at how I ever got anything done or maintained my responsibilities without a calendar planner! This desktop and mobile app allows me to set up my ideal week as a recurring template and then plug in people and events for some much-needed balance.

FantastiCal app icon


I’m not hating on Apple Music, but Spotify is where it’s at for exciting new music! I actively curate poppin’ playlists for the routine parts of my day like mornings, exercise, and focused work. There’s nothing like great music to pull you out of a low!

Spotify app icon