Hi, I'm Mike.

I teach essential skills for those impaired by a bipolar disorder, using a combination of real-world methods that have brought me success in this illness.


Download One of My Signature “Starter Sheets” to Make, Maintain, and Multiply Your Quality of Life with Bipolar.

Take the guess work out of planning your mental health defense system.

Resetting Expectations

Through his uncommon approach to recovery, Mike shows his community what “better” looks like when living with a disruptive mental disorder. His signature course membership "The Peace Plan for Bipolar" has been described by his students as positively life-shifting.

By dedicating himself to exploring the frontiers of mental health, Mike brings his audience a wealth of insights and strategies to help them say, “Wow! I really can get beyond my day-to-day struggle!” He proves that lasting success no longer needs to be a painful illusion.


The Only Podcast for Solving Bipolar’s Biggest Problems

Raise your hand if you think it’s time somebody started talking about this stuff in real life? Yep, me too!


Listen in every week as Mike hosts The Bipolar Now Podcast with a team of friends, fellow owners of this disorder and mental health experts, giving you detailed plans and actionable tactics to make your life with bipolar get a lot less confusing and a whole lot easier.


Want to get the most out of living?

JOIN ME over on my free Facebook community for The Bipolar Now Podcast and let me know where you’re at—what you feel you’re missing out on and what you’d like to accomplish if bipolar were less of an issue! I believe in your ability to achieve anything you set your convictions on, so why not show the world something new? Let’s do this together. - Mike


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