#7: Gaining Family After Crisis

family lifers mania May 01, 2019




When mental illness strikes it often leaves your family confused and afraid. Confused because they no longer recognize your language and behaviors, and afraid because it's hard to understand what to do in order to help you.

Mike and Erin relive an episode where he came looking for her while in a mixed manic state with psychosis and paranoia. 

Find out why a low-key approach from loved ones can keep a bad situation from getting ugly! 

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  • Don't try to replace family with outside supporters. They're not wired up the same way to love you unconditionally.
  • It doesn't matter what you're like inside a bipolar episode—your family knows the real you and will help you jump back on your feet.
  • Why "living to tell a better story" works so well to rebuild family confidence in your ongoing stability.


Lifer Discussion Guide

Below are some powerful questions you can use to build a tighter bond of support with a loved one or an exceptional friend. Decide on a time to sit down and talk through the issues we touched on in this episode. This is a great weekly activity to boost the quality of an important relationship!

1) Is there any one thing you would like me to ask forgiveness for? / Will you forgive me?

2) What would it take for me to lose your love and support?

3) What is my most recurring problem or challenge right now?

4) What is one good "story" you'd like me to tell about overcoming this challenge or temptation? (Think of what you'd like to say about this one month from now.)


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