#27: Can You Make Your Manias More Mild?

mania prevention wellness Sep 19, 2019
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Has anyone with bipolar disorder not felt some romance with the “up” side of the illness? What a welcome relief to the suffering of depression! It’s like we finally get to snap our lives back together and the future becomes endlessly amazing to consider.

But choosing to let the sensational aspect of mania grab you is like gambling. It starts out innocent. You score some early wins. (“I love being able to clean the ENTIRE house in a single night!”) But soon all that energy and all that lost sleep take you down a rabbit hole where the decisions are harder to recover from.

That’s the subject of today’s episode. Take a look inside of Mike’s world as he shares how an onset of bipolar mania can be quickly and powerfully reversed. Gain mastery over this aspect of the illness (and you can gain it!) and you’ll keep more of your money, your progress, and your good name.

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  • Bipolar mania is not the “harmless” side of the illness. It’s devastation has leveled untold millions as they have followed its natural pathways.

  • Having a growth mindset creates an “internal” transformation that gives you an edge over episodes of this illness developing fully.

  • Manic symptoms (such as feeling limitless) start out dreamy, but nearly always turn disastrous. The key is recognizing “what is me” versus “what is sickness”.


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