#34: Reset Your Expectations (So You Don't Freak Out)

anxiety stress wisdom Nov 13, 2019
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Ever feel like you’re at a “10” on the stress meters? Does it seem to take forever to come down? If so, you might be the victim of expectations gone wild. When these sneaky little demons take over, you can’t even concentrate. So what exactly can be done here?

On this episode of The Bipolar Now Podcast, Mike gives us a simple visual for managing our expectations so that they cease to fuel the mental chaos of bipolar disorder and anxieties. He argues for the power of sensibility and for using that to tone down the worried outcomes of our perceiving.

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  • If you’re caught in a worrisome expectation, you can take a personal time out and rewrite it.

  • Three simple ways to rewrite an expectation are the actions of “Do. Delegate. And, Delete.” We can use this process every day to stay focused only on what matters.

  • You can find your way through a stressful job by setting an expectation for how long you’ll evaluate your decision to work there. This is incredibly empowering!


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