#21 When All Is Overwhelming

stress Aug 08, 2019




If you’ve ever been hiking in the outdoors, you know that difference that a heavy backpack can make. Each step gets requires more thought, each muscle is strained, and suddenly it’s no longer enjoyable to get to your destination.

Hiking (life) is not always flat and easy either. But if the pack is too heavy it can literally cripple you and bring you to your knees. When you have a bipolar disorder this means you literally experience a breakdown. You’re journey is delayed, or cut off.

In this episode of The Bipolar Now Podcast, Mike shares about the process of discovery that leads to not only a lighter pack, but a journey that unfolds with more adventure and less anxiety. Feeling the overwhelm of circumstances is reduced with a simple, ongoing adjustment to your pack.


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  • Overwhelm comes from typical sources. Identifying these is critical self-knowledge.
  • The “hike” of life is most enjoyable when your “backpack” is only filled with the essentials. Stop and examine if you or others have been putting “rocks” (non-essentials) in your pack and take them out.
  • You are responsible for managing your load. A key mentor or other insightful figure will help you make adjustments.


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