#13: Pull Off a Better Morning (Tomorrow)

depression energy stress Jun 12, 2019
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If your morning time is a source of stress and late-starts, you are among good company. Even “morning people” aren’t born with a supernatural well of happiness that’s tied to the dawn. Good days begin with good routines, and the good news is that they can be created.

In this episode, Philip and Mike share the story of how their mornings came to be and why a satisfying quiet time is such a powerful ingredient for a productive day. They show that with a little intention and some helpful tactics (found in today’s episode freebie), anyone can achieve a morning that sets them up for success.

When fear and dread cloud our thinking, a solid morning routine can provide some much-needed distance and perspective. It’s time to kick worry, depression and negativity in the teeth before you even have breakfast.

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  • There is no better time to clear your thoughts and simply exist than in the morning.

  • When you use peace as your compass you won’t be pulled around by the pressures of stress. A good morning routine centers your compass on a peaceful state.

  • When starting new morning habits, only attempt one or two at a time.


Lifer Discussion Guide

The Lifer Guide questions for this week are designed to get you thinking about improvements to your morning routine. No night owl is going to switch their biorhythms in a day. But your Lifer can help, so enlist them as an accountability partner to finding the morning routine that makes you sing!


The Questions:

1) What about your current morning routine works for you?

2) Which state of being (from the episode freebie) would you most want to be in your mornings?

3) How would your mornings improve if you just focused on that one change?

4) Imagine that your morning could produce most or all of these “feels” (from the episode freebie). How would your experience of life be different right now as a result?

5) Who do you know who gets mornings like a pro? / What could you ask them to show you?


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