Build Mastery: How to Be a Student of Your Bipolar Disorder

Maybe you’re new to the game of mental health, and it seems like crisis is barely behind you. Or maybe you’ve been diagnosed for a long time but it’s still a massive struggle. Either way, there’s no reason to go through a decade or more to get that sense of relief.

Some people become victims of ignorance and one bad choice after another (hey, to be fair, it’s only natural), but you’re smart enough to say, “Hey, is there some kind of knowledge I’m missing?” Because you know there has to be something that separates the haves from the have-nots when it comes to this mental illness.

The Starter Guide on Symptoms Strategy will take you through the big ideas of each of bipolar’s big troublemakers. From depression to anger to psychosis and mania (plus other lesser-known mood swings and emotions), you’ll get started with the basic “plays” of the game. Which means there’s less to fear the more you gain experience.

Building your foundation of knowledge is the most powerful first step you can take towards a future of absolute success in this illness. Download Your Starter Guide on Symptoms Strategy and get ready to punch bipolar symptoms in the face!



#104: Making your way through “brain fog”

When you first get medicated for bipolar disorder (usually right around the same time you get diagnosed), you are highly likely to encounter a strange phenomenon of mental sloggy-ness. In clinical terms, it’s known as “executive...


#103: Setting up your foundation for success

Have you ever seen aerial footage of the aftermath of a hurricane or a cyclone? Maybe you live in a storm zone, and you’ve had to evacuate only to come home to the wreckage. The one thing that always surprises me...


#96: Getting back to the basics

Have you ever put furniture together and then all of a sudden you had to stop and start over? Living with a chronic mental disorder like bipolar can be a lot like that! We get well enough to make plans and get our hopes up, only to...


#81 From functional to phenomenal

Do you ever run into this conundrum?—you try to get help for yourself, only to be told that you appear too well to be seen by a therapist? Or does your family expect you to be doing more for yourself since you seem “perfectly fine”?


#68 When it’s sex on overdrive

Does it ever seem like your sex drive is revving to the stratosphere? Like you are a totally private person, and totally reserved. But sometimes you feel like you could have sex with anonymous beautiful people and unleash your inner...


#45 Anger is understandable

Have you ever noticed the incidence of conflict rises when you’re in bipolar mood swings? Have you spoken words in the heat of the moment, only to feel terrible later that you cannot get them back? Maybe you’ve even wondered, “How the heck can I be a good person when all...


#37 When it comes to alcohol

There’s nothing like the pull of alcohol if you’ve ever told yourself that it’s how you stop the whirlwinds. Only trouble is, the allure of booze quickly drowns as your bipolar symptoms worsen. Then you’re left with a day of physical recovery combined with an even longer...


#28 Depression is Sink or Swim

If there’s one thing that pulls more people into despair and hardship, it’s depression. Bipolar depression is a unique variant of “ordinary” clinical (or “unipolar”) depression. When you’re sucked in, it seems as though nothing...


#27 Making Manias Mild

Has anyone with bipolar disorder not felt some romance with the “up” side of the illness? What a welcome relief to the suffering of depression! It’s like we finally get to snap our lives back together and the future becomes endlessly amazing to consider...


#18 Become a Sleep Pro

Sleep is the number one “make or break” ingredient when you have a bipolar disorder. It matters more than any other therapy. And the results of a consistent good night’s sleep pay off with better energy, increased focus, and higher overall success at managing the illness...