#18: Become Your Own Sleep Professional

sleep training wellness Jul 17, 2019
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Sleep is the number one “make or break” ingredient when you have a bipolar disorder. It matters more than any other therapy. And the results of a consistent good night’s sleep pay off with better energy, increased focus, and higher overall success at managing the illness.

If your sleep is lackluster or inconsistent, it’s probably because you’ve got some bad habits piling up on you. In this mini-training Mike shares about the specifics of his recent sleep makeover, with details on exactly what to do and how to implement.

Included in this episode is a visual checklist of the steps that Mike took in his makeover. Follow them for a better night’s sleep (and more safeguarding from bipolar episodes) with measurable improvements starting tonight.

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  • Better sleep is accomplished with better routines. Making adjustments to your exposure to morning light, and keeping digital devices off before bed are two powerful places to start.

  • As you pick up new habits, you can also create a “sleep sanctuary” out of your room to make sure you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

  • Don’t try to implement multiple changes at once. Give yourself time to adjust. Waiting two weeks to introduce a new sleep practice is a suitable pace for lasting improvement.


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There is no discussion guide for this week. Print out the episode freebie that has your sleep makeover roadmap and discuss your options with both your family and your health care professional (family doctor or nurse).


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