#28: Bipolar Depression is "Sink or Swim"

depression empowerment prevention Sep 26, 2019
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If there’s one thing that pulls more people into despair and hardship, it’s depression. Bipolar depression is a unique variant of “ordinary” clinical (or “unipolar”) depression. When you’re sucked in, it seems as though nothing and no one will save you.

But choosing to do nothing and go with what your gut feelings tell you is no way to deal with this phase of the illness. It starts out very casual. You lose your energy and you cease from starting ordinary daily tasks. Then as energy continues to dip and hover at critically low levels you fall into a new pattern.

Breaking that pattern is the subject of today’s episode. Going inside the mind of bipolar depression is necessary if we’re ever going to reverse the energy flow and get it back up again. Mike shares about having to use both immediate and long-term approaches to this troubling “pole” of the disorder.

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  • Bipolar depression is more than just sadness or loss of hope. It affects mind, body, and spirit with equal devastation.
  • Having a growth mindset creates an “internal” transformation that gives you an edge over episodes of this illness developing fully.
  • Depression symptoms must be guarded against using genuine enjoyment as the driver of all activity, so that the loss of energy and motivation is not catastrophic.


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There is no Lifer Discussion Guide for this week’s episode. One thing you can do with this episode is to invite your Lifer (a close, caring individual) to talk through the strategy Mike uses for depression, and compare it with your current coping plan. Let them help you find a way to evolve (improve) your strategy to be more prepared the next time you feel yourself lowering into sickness.


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