How to Move Up in Life (On Purpose) When You Have a Bipolar Disorder

You’ve got a stellar knowledge set for the in’s and out’s of managing a mental illness—and maybe even a small team of supporters.

You’re smokin’!

So where does all this go? And why does it seem like you keep hitting the wall of “Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.” (Any Monopoly fans here?) I bet you’d like to know there’s a way to pass every one of your sticking points. IF you know the right step to take.

So wouldn’t it be rad if someone put together a self-paced and super self-evident Growth Plan for life with bipolar?


This downloadable dream is devoted to helping you plan your next move, especially when you feel stuck and wide open to depression. You’ll instantly see that the sky’s the limit when all you have to focus on is growth. Get to it!



#101: When it’s time for a “Do-Over”

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck on something important? You want a breakthrough, but it’s been so long and you’re tapped out on energy. How will you ever move on from feeling like you’re just failing yourself? How on earth...


#100: Going forward when all is stuck

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “What I’m doing isn’t working very well, but I have no energy to change the things I know I need to do better!” Do you ever feel stuck and unable to move forward, even though the way...


#95: Waiting for greater things

Do you enjoy waiting? It seems like no one ever does. But what if I told you that the act of waiting produces maturity? And what if that maturity lead you to a place where even the hardest trials in life can be drained of causing you fear…


#91 Prepare the way

Have you ever had an exceptional year, where all the bad things you went through somehow have no hold on you? For some people this happens by random chance and good fortune. But for others, it happens by design. And in this episode...


#78 Strength is momentary without endurance

Is it just lethargy setting in, or does every day get a bit more tiresome? Why do some people look unaffected by the sweeping changes in the world? Do they have some secret coping mechanisms that we’re missing out on?...


#76 Focus beyond the momentary chaos

How is it that some people can focus like a laser? Like, whatever it is they’re doing, they enjoy focused attention all the way through. How can some people power through life with focus, while others only have a fleeting experience...


#54 Thinking forward in a “stuck” world

Do you find yourself wanting to escape or break free of limitations? When you look to the future, do you see clearly where you’ve arrived? For most people, having to live through the cycles of bipolar disorder means you get super-amped...


#32 Never Quit On Yourself

Who you’re with changes almost everything about you. How could anyone expect to be resilient and full of energy if they’re cooped up in the safety of the indoors, on the safety of the internet, and not making meaningful deposits in the lives of their...


#25 Getting Around Obstacles

Bipolar disorder is famous for its many shifts and turns in mood, energy, and drive. Sometimes you are running strong and consistent, while other times you wonder why you even bother to run at all. Still other times you are paralyzed because you...