#25 Getting Around Obstacles

empowerment Sep 05, 2019




Bipolar disorder is famous for its many shifts and turns in mood, energy, and drive. Sometimes you are running strong and consistent, while other times you wonder why you even bother to run at all. Still other times you are paralyzed because you can’t imagine finishing the race!

Everyone faces hurdles on track of life. But not everyone faces them with a mental illness that severely skews the race. Some hurdles are low and easy to clear. Others require a giant leap and a lot of momentum. Also randomly placed are obstacles such as stumbling objects and walls.

In today’s episode Mike shares how this visual of lapping a chaotic track can cause us to zoom out of our difficult circumstances and look for opportunities to keep in the race. If you don’t learn how to see your way around obstacles, you’ll get tripped up and injured.


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  • Being tired, worried, stressed, or anxious are not bad habits to break; they are obstacles to navigate creatively.
  • Social anxiety is a common “obstacle” when you have a bipolar disorder, but you can get around it when you start to develop a reasonable and regular social life.
  • Owners of a bipolar disorder learn to look at their natural obstacles as opportunities to grow more fully into the self they’ve always wanted to be.


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