#32 Never Quit On Yourself

empowerment Oct 24, 2019




Who you’re with changes almost everything about you. How could anyone expect to be resilient and full of energy if they’re cooped up in the safety of the indoors, on the safety of the internet, and not making meaningful deposits in the lives of their loved ones and friends?

How can one endure troubles and hardship inside a safety room of isolation?

On today’s episode of The Bipolar Now Podcast, Mike shares what he has done to ensure that he doesn’t get trapped in the illness. Endurance is a MUST in the game of mental health. Getting yourself around the right people means you are highly likely to go the distance, in joy and strength.


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  • Managing your calm is critical to enjoying the stimulating environments you choose.
  • Being relational with people pays off big time in building endurance for mental health. Always be making deposits into those relationships before you withdraw.
  • Taking a break is not the same thing as giving up. Be a consistent, diligent hard worker so that your rest times are mostly without anxiety.


Lifer Discussion Guide

There is no Lifer discussion guide for today’s episode of the show. A decisive action would be to think of the name of one person you need to make a relational “deposits” with. Write their name down along with the one thing you will do to invest in them, relationally, e.g. “Make that painting for my sister that I’ve had in mind all this time.” Then get serious and go for it! Always be making deposits.


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