#100: Proceeding Forward While Everything Feels Stuck

empowerment energy strategy Feb 25, 2021
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Have you ever caught yourself saying, “What I’m doing isn’t working very well, but I have no energy to change the things I know I need to do better!” Do you ever feel stuck and unable to move forward, even though the way forward is as plain as day?

Just so you know, this is pretty much every person on planet earth, let alone one with a bipolar disorder. We get stalled out even while there's progress, but it seems as though the "door" is jammed when we try to open it.

It’s a common frustration that has almost no answer. What comes first, the loss of mental health and disappointment? Or the lack of energy to pull yourself back together?

On today’s episode of The Bipolar Now Podcast, Mike explains that it’s “OK not to be OK”. But at some point you have to get up and decide to do the things you’re responsible for.

A body that’s lost all motion has to be kicked back into the swing of things. And that’s exactly what this podcast is prepared to do for you.

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  • Bipolar disorder takes away your resourcefulness even long after symptoms have receded. Which means you’ll need to get to a low point where you feel like being stuck is going to drive you even more mad than the disease. 

  • This is phase of motion-less agitation is called an “amotivational” period and its design is to kick your rear in gear when you’re fed up once and for all.

  • Sometimes you are prevented from moving forward even though you have enough energy to do so. This is incredibly frustrating to experience, but you must keep yourself in a state of “active patience”. That’s where you’re working on what’s ahead, but you’re waiting for the pay-off.


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