#9 When to "Pass It"

discernment lifer May 16, 2019




Everyone knows what it’s like to hang on to something too long. Your family says, “Why are you doing this, this is crazy!” And your friends are like, “Give it up already!”

What they don’t know is that bipolar mental illness is rife with obsessions. We get super-clingy to the dreams and desires that overwhelm us while manic. And it can drive us to pull some very unnecessary stunts—emptying our wallets and our reputations sometimes.

Today’s episode cuts through the clingy-ness. Philip and Mike discuss the best way to know why something isn’t working out and if it’s time to give yourself a break and “pass it”.

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  • Monitoring your obsessions downgrades their riskiness to the level of ordinary commitments and keeps them from turning into addictions.
  • If you decide to keep an obsession, you have to be willing to work through the many challenges that come with it. Not everyone “counts the cost”.
  • When deciding to keep an obsession, “redeem what’s right” and relinquish what’s not.


Lifer Discussion Guide

Your Lifer is the perfect person to share your obsessions with! They can usually point out the areas where it’s not working out, and they will LOVE the opportunity to help you on your path to success. And the coolest thing is that your obsessions might spark them to re-commit to a dream or a passion that they’ve let go of too soon. So don’t be shy and make sure you’re asking them these questions too!

Use the following prompts as a way to bring today’s episode to life:


1) What is one thing I just will not give up right now? / Is this driving me forward or holding me back?

2) Do you think my obsession has too much power over me? Over my ideas and actions? / Why or why not?

3) How would you suggest I “downgrade” this one obsession into a more healthy commitment?

4) Who can I get to help me accomplish this commitment so that I’m not doing everything by myself?


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