#79: Make Creativity Part of Your Recovery (And Have Fun Again)

empowerment lifestyle optimism Sep 29, 2020
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Are you known for your creativity? Did you know you can use creativity as a way to gain greater recovery from bipolar symptoms and episodes?

You can use it for something small like writing thank-you notes. Or you can plan a grand entry back into the world of the arts.

Either way, you’re going to need some practical tips, as Mike explains on today’s show from The Bipolar Now Podcast. If you’re creative, then you need to be creating.

Don’t let this disorder strip you of employing your many incredible talents!


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  • Having a purpose for creative making—whether that’s art, music, drama, writing, or dance—actually keeps you sane and healthy much longer than if you were to recovery without these in your life.

  • Have a space and a time for the creative process. Do not be haphazard in your making.

  • Make sure to have a shutdown routine so that you don’t get dragged late into the night with creativity, which can easily spiral into a bipolar manic episode if you’re not careful.


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