#5: Having Strength Through Joy in Service

depression lifers mindset Apr 06, 2019



The longer a bipolar disorder has to play havoc in your life, the more you retreat into self-centered thinking and activities. And getting sucked into this is no way to stay productive and healthy!

How can we keep our anxious hurts and frustrations and disappointments from taking over the conversation?

Is there anything that can break the spell of self-defeat and restore us to a radiant place in our families and community?

Listen as Mike shares with Daniel how their unexpected and service-based working relationship turned out to be the rocket fuel for his recovery from a 2-year depression.


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  • Serve because it's right, not because of the status associated with it.
  • Social anxiety is lowered dramatically through being of service and not focusing on yourself and your worries and fears.
  • Find someone to practice better service with, and let that carry over into your best relationships and your work life.


Download your copy of the "Starter Kit" that's mentioned in this episode. This has the service-finder activity as well as the Lifer questions that Mike and Daniel use to level up their quality of service and their quality of life.


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