#31: Anxiety Always Surrounds Life Adjustments

anxiety crisis prevention Oct 17, 2019
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When you find yourself unable to get out of bed and get your day going… because you have a paralyzing fear that you won’t be able to do what today requires of you… when you’re trying to think about anything but the inevitable failures, but that’s all that floods your mind…

That’s when you know you’re dealing with a REAL case of anxiety.

Nightmares kick in. Minutes feel like hours. You can't imagine what to do next other than survive.

For some of us the battle can be infrequent and mild. Others of us are unable to recover sometimes for several days, because the worry and the racing thoughts are that extreme.

Whichever end of the experience you tend towards, it usually tied back to some MAJOR adjustment that you're facing in life. And life is full of tempestuous transitions.

Today’s episode of The Bipolar Now Podcast will help cut a path through the chaos.

You don't want to miss it!


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  • Patience is an under-celebrated virtue and is the first thing you need in order to battle anxiety effectively.
  • Treat your anti-anxiety plan like an experiment that’s a work in progress, using a journal or some method of recording your actions and sensations and results.
  • Anxiety is often more problematic and regular (and a separate diagnosis, in many cases) than either bipolar depression or manias.


Lifer Discussion Guide

There is no Lifer discussion guide for today’s episode of the show. A good action to take is to decide what type of notes you are going to take the next time anxiety strikes—whether you prefer a written journal or a digital means of recording—and then start a page just for this symptom. Borrow Mike’s style of noting what works and what doesn’t, and take some of the show ideas to help you evolve your management style for recurring anxiety.


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