#3: Making Everyday Movement Work For You

fitness mindset wellness Apr 06, 2019
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Bipolar disorder is famously known for reconfiguring our activity level. From barely being able to get out of bed by noon, to deciding on a whim to take a 13 mile run into town - when you're not a runner - this illness brings mental and physical confusion to the topic of personal fitness!

What is an appropriate way to move our bodies, and how long does it take to reverse the lethargy and lack of motivation that we feel?

Don't miss out as Mike and Daniel each share about their use of fitness and finding the mind-body connection that works for them.


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  • Getting yourself physically stronger makes you more vibrant and resilient mentally.

  • Active jobs are more suitable than sedentary jobs for those with bipolar disorder. But it requires a balance and a "come down" ritual every evening.

  • Having a single, focused fitness goal and committing to it requires experimentation if you're going to find something fun to stick with every day in your exercise habit.



Download your copy of the "Starter Kit" that's mentioned in this episode. This has the personal fitness activity as well as the Lifer questions that Mike and Daniel use to challenge each other to enjoyable physical activity.


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