#29: Radical Acceptance Unlocks Freedom

confidence wellness wisdom Oct 03, 2019
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When you think about acceptance, it’s usually a lot easier to apply to others. Accepting ourselves is something that can require a lot of work and convincing. Now factor in a mental disability like bipolar disorder—with all the chaos, drama, and sensitivity—and you can see why accepting that is a tall order!

But however difficult it may prove to be, finding peace with your past self is only half the puzzle. The other half is accepting that you still have aspirations and desires and a “real me” version of your life that is genuinely worth putting in the labor.

In today’s episode of The Bipolar Now Podcast, Mike shares about two types of people and how “full” acceptance plays out in radically different ways for them. (Hint: it doesn’t go so well for one group.) Do you feel stuck and helpless in the dark? Or when you’ve gotten yourself stuck will waste no time calling a tow truck? The difference is immediate!

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  • You are NOT fixed in your aptitudes or abilities because of a bipolar disorder. You can get better and better in your management style. (This becomes FUN like solving a challenging puzzle.)

  • You will never perfectly execute your vision of a better life. Perfection counts for nothing. Getting going on it is everything.

  • “Full acceptance” of yourself is to hold your past up in one hand, and your preferred future in the other, and make your daily decisions in the tension between these two things.


Lifer Discussion Guide

Today’s episode sparks a few questions for you to discuss with someone on your support team:


1) Do you default to a “fixed” mindset (where intelligence and abilities are finite), or a “growth” mindset (where intelligence and abilities are only limited by your willingness to solve problems)?

2) How has your mindset contributed to who you are and what you do?

3) Do you need to change anything about your mindset in order to keep improving?


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