#26 Grow Into You

empowerment Sep 12, 2019




When I was first diagnosed bipolar, I had just turned 30. I was tormented, confused, and full of nervous energy about things as trivial as going to the store. Never since my early childhood was I more in need of nurturing, and as I looked around I discovered no real-life mentors in mental illness.

Step forward 8 years. I’m entering a brand new phase of my life doing work and relationships and a host of other pursuits on a whole other level. My previous fears about bipolar disorder crippling me for eternity are almost entirely removed. I’ve become a new person. Again.

In this episode of The Bipolar Now Podcast, I share with you the hidden (but intentional) growth process that drives what you see and hear on the show and in my videos. It’s what powers every person who has made peace with this difficult disorder. You don’t want to miss it!


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  • When you’re sabotaged by symptoms, it will stunt all of your growth.
  • Having a growth plan is the surest way to stay on track with making progress in your mental illness, and being able to keep your gains even if you get sick.
  • Not everyone needs to grow to full maturity to experience the joys of “blending in” to society and being comfortable with concealing (or revealing) their unique challenge.


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