#24: Handling Money Wisely Starts in the Mind

mindset money strategy Aug 29, 2019
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Making money consistently when you have a bipolar disorder is a process of hard work and discovery. Being able to manage that money in a way that’s healthy is the holy grail of stability. Which makes it all the more amazing when you get there.

In this first installment on money, Mike shares about the importance of knowing your “money type” before you set out to make career or business decisions. Without making choices in line with your “type” you set yourself up for worry and frustration.

Living with a mental illness multiplies the difficulty of finding a job or business that lines up with your desires. Today will help you become more clear on the “how” of making money when you have bipolar. Future episodes in this series will dive into the “what” and the “why”.

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  • Making, spending, and saving money are expressed differently according to each person’s money “type”.

  • Mental illness makes it tough to attract money, and even tougher to plan with it for the future.

  • There is no official financial planning guide for those with bipolar, leaving us to depend on the wisdom of our “money voices” (mentors) while we work hard to build a stable lifestyle.


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There is no Lifer Discussion Guide for this week’s episode. A good way to open up discussion around this topic is to talk with someone trusted about the differences (if any) between your money “type” and that of your family, now that you know how the types function.


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