#23 Two Kinds of “Different”

confidence depression Aug 22, 2019




There’s not much else in the human condition that can separate you from the mainstream like a mental illness. Bipolar disorder is famous for altering our thinking, behavior, and values; alienating us until we have less friends than fingers.

On today’s show Mike has a heart-to-heart about this predicament. He makes a case for using the challenging elements of this disorder as a way to move out of isolation and into an “in” group. His description of a “catalyzing figure” shows where real change begins—by being influenced.

Through taking on a different kind of risk—through betting on the results of training, education, and community—old patterns and behaviors can be broken. Otherwise, growth in our mental health could be minimal or even nonexistent.


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  • Suddenly being diagnosed bipolar sends you back to the beginning, making it feel like you’ve lost all your growth and gains in life.
  • Challenging “differences” brought on by mental illness almost always leave you feeling alone, insecure, and unpredictable.
  • Accepting help (counsel, training, accountability, community) leads to feelings of inclusion, confidence, and reliability when you stay persistent.


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There is no Lifer Discussion Guide for this week’s episode. A rewarding way to handle this difficult subject is to ask your Lifer (true friend or trusted family member) to tell you their all-time favorite parts about you. And then use that conversation to talk about some changes you can make as you seek new helps.


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