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food weight Aug 01, 2019




When you take medications for mental illness, a common (and hated) side-effect is food cravings that lead to exorbitant weight gain. Some people report putting on 50-, 70-, even 100+ pounds before they find the spark to take corrective action.

In this episode Mike brings on Daniel Pryde to discuss the impact of foods on our psyche and our waistline. With great struggle comes great compassion. So what you won’t get is a scolding for your eating. Instead, you’ll become aware of what is driving over-consumption to begin with.

If finding your way back to a controlled relationship with food is appealing to you, then this episode will show you where to start. Don’t settle for the tyranny of foods any longer. Get your brain dialed in first and the right decisions will follow.


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  • Our bodies are designed to react to the foods we put into them. Foods that fill are foods that have strong nutrient profiles. This is part of the weight management equation.
  • There is no specific diet that treats bipolar disorder. But there are specific foods that help stabilize mood, irritability, energy levels, and more.
  • Breaking food addiction is a must if you struggle with appetite. Being in control of our relationship to food is the only real way to manage our weight.


Lifer Discussion Guide

This week is your guide to setting up changes in how you live with and partake in foods. If getting back to an ideal weight is on your agenda, then make sure you recruit someone to journey with you. We suggest making it your Lifer (one of your true supporters). It will create accountability for you to reach your goals and it will give you greater strength in how you achieve them. A good choice for a Lifer in this instance is someone who values physical health and being at a healthy weight. They will help drive you to get results!

1.) When did your weight begin to change, and what were the factors that set that off?

2.) Do you have an ideal weight in mind? / How far away from that are you now?

3.) What are some changes you already know you need to make in your food choices and consumption?

4.) How much power do you have over resisting food cravings? / Has it always been like this?

5.) Do you feel like a meal plan is realistic for you? / Who could help you with establishing this?


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