#141: Why a Mind-Health “Reset” Is Always Your Next Option

empowerment mindset optimism Jan 13, 2022
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Today Mike welcomes new show host Matthew Bushell, as they begin the New Year with excitement about this show’s future creative labors together.

Find out how much impact a single decision to “reset” your health starts in the mind and ripples out into the entirety of our lives. And why we can look to our electronic devices and personal computers for a great model of how to do accomplish routine “cleanings” that keep our daily wellness flowing smoothly.

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  • The human mind is so incredibly vast and complex in just its thought structures alone. And over time those structures can get “clogged” and messy and result in toxic buildups and poor behaviors in us.

  • There are many ways to cleanse your mind of the gunky thought patterns and bad reactions to memories caused by a life with intense mental health challenges like having a bipolar disorder diagnosis. Finding the method that works and is clinically effective (found to be measurably successful) is a MUST if you must manage a mood disorder.

  • Regular celebrations of achievements, no matter the size of those achievements, offers the mind a chance to reframe any failures that burden your memory. Don’t fall into the trap of moving on from one thing to the next without taking time to “high-five” yourself for doing something right. Let others see you doing this and invite them to join you in being a pro-active congratulator of healthy routine living.


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