#2: Building New Trust with Yourself and Others

lifers mindset Apr 06, 2019



 From the moment a bipolar disorder enters the picture, trust begins to erode at the edges of our reputation and work its way inward. 

We become unpredictable and difficult to live with. Episodes of mania undo our good name and destroy our credit, both financially and relationally. Episodes mixed with anxiety and depression make us a nervous wreck, pessimistic, and full of anger and fear.

So how do you put back into place what the illness has taken away? Is there any hope of full restoration and peace?

Listen as Daniel asks Mike how he built new and better trust through key relationships and a bigger mission for his recovery.


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  • When you have a mental illness, the best people in your life can be won back more quickly because of the added challenge of your disorder(s).
  • Confidence is rebuilt with growing levels of trust—with key family members, friends, employers/partners, and your ability to better serve them.
  • Bringing authentic joy to your work, no matter how meaningless it may seem, is a speed train to building trust with your employer.


Download your copy of the "Starter Kit" that's mentioned in this episode. This has the personal trust-shaping activity as well as the Lifer questions that Mike and Daniel use to keep their friendship trust and working relationship at a very high level!


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