#17: Therapy is a World of Help (So Don't Be Too Proud to Ask)

empowerment support therapy Jul 11, 2019
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When you want to take your recovery to the next level, you’ll want to put “finding a GREAT therapist” at the top of your priority list. Weekly sessions, with a trained professional that you connect with, are designed to go deep into the biggest problems that a mental illness can make.

A weekly schedule, various readings and homework (depending on the style of therapy), and accountability to do your part make psychotherapies different than counseling or support groups.

They are well-researched and many of the top-rated offerings have been practiced for decades.

Today’s show concludes with a discussion about the enormous variety of supplemental and alternative therapies available.

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  • Early into your recovery is when psychotherapies have the most impact.

  • The big idea of therapy is to clear a path back to reality, so that you can work on the things that matter to you faster than you could if left to yourself.

  • You are not bound to traditional therapies or to need a therapist for life. There are many safe and effective practices that “fill the gap” once a professional setting has concluded.


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