#15: Become Healthy, Happy and Hot (In That Order)

relationships romance wellness Jun 27, 2019
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Do you ever find it impossible to feel attractive? Even when depression lets up and you get your mind back from the pit, it can take a long time to look at yourself in a better light. This isn’t automatic. And sometimes the appearance of a manic episode—though fleeting—is the only thing to reintroduce positive self image.

If you’re single, it might feel like dating is the last thing you want to do. Not everyone needs a partner, but those wishing for a romance are left looking for the courage to do so. And the one whose marriage has to weather mental illness knows the toll it takes on the home and in the bedroom.

Mike and Daniel come from two stages of relationship (single, married). But they can agree that having romantic confidence comes from being more attractive in general. And the great news is that this sensation of spark and sizzle isn’t directly tied to how you feel about your body image.

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  • You are not disqualified to date just because you have a bipolar disorder. What people are looking for is someone who takes their mental health seriously, not perfectly.

  • Your marriage is not doomed if you and your spouse have to navigate mental illness. Every challenge is solvable if you stay interested in winning.

  • Having a “magic touch” with people comes from being genuinely interested in them. This can be practiced. Mastering relationships is like fresh oxygen for our mental health.


Lifer Discussion Guide

The Lifer Guide questions for this week are made for you to feel a gentle push toward becoming more attractive from the inside out. If you can get past your fears of inadequacy and answer these questions, you’ll be a giant step closer to having spark and sizzle in your life—no manias needed!


The Questions:

1) Tell me a story about your first crush / romantic interest. / What did you do that seems funny to you now?

2) When in your life did you feel the most attractive, and what do you think you were doing that caused you to feel that way?

3) How do you feel about yourself now? / What’s affecting your feeling of being attractive?

4) Who is one person who displays romantic and personal confidence? / Where could you spend time with them to learn from them?

5) How could you have a new healthy interest in others, non-romantically? / What’s one small thing you could do this week get more interested in them?


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