#149: Why Do I Feel Shaped by My Emotions?

emotions growth wellness Mar 10, 2022
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On today’s show, Matthew Bushell meets with Matthew and Chantal of 5th Place, Founders of a community-based college and emotional leadership podcast from in South Africa.

Together they share what it means to heal not only ourselves but the greater earth we live on to heal from the societlal damages of poorly controlled emotions.

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  • Taking back our minds from the impacts of negative emotions is a practice that starts with Awareness: taking hold of the uncomfortable thought itself and examining it without fear.

  • It is completely normal for you to feel run over by emotions and “hooks” to memories and very unpleasant thoughts from the past when you have a bipolar diagnosis. Rest assured the techniques of Emotional Mastery will benefit you just as much or more than the ordinary individual!

  • Once our own minds are being properly managed we will naturally use our strength of emotion to bring about better emotions in others.


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