#148: Will I Ever Feel Rested From These Inner Conflicts I Have?

confidence growth mindset Mar 03, 2022
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Do you wonder if a life lived with bipolar disorder will ever give you a break? Does it seem like you go from one crisis to another, with no relief in between or time to catch your breath?

Maybe it’s not by chance or accident that you don’t feel rested. It could be a healthy sign that your brain and body are telling you to Do Something Different.

Don’t miss today’s episode as we finish our Wellness series, to understand what it means to be “at peace” with Ourselves, our Diagnosis and our Circumstances.


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  • Inner conflicts are often felt as “anxieties” within the body, in the form of restlessness.

  • Anxiety itself is not a mental illness. It is a designed part of your brain to alert you that something in your life needs to be addressed—quickly and effectively!

  • Feeling “at home” with your circumstances is part of living with a bipolar diagnosis. And part of having bipolar itself is to feel more “on edge” than ordinary unaffected persons. So managing that edge becomes your new job when you go searching for proven positive coping techniques.


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