#146: Will I Ever Feel Rested About Having a Bipolar Disorder in My Life?

confidence growth mindset Feb 17, 2022
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Can you repeat after me, “I AM AT HOME WITH MY DIAGNOSIS”?

If so, you’ve come a long way from the start of your journey. But if not, why is that?

You'd be extremely hard-pressed to find just one person out there with a lived condition of manic-depressive disorder, who says they understood it and went with it immediately. 

Almost no one has an easy path towards acceptance of the illness.

So what’s the cause of this whole process taking so long?

And if it's so brutal for the individual to get to this place of admitting their need for accommodations and help with their bipolar disorder, why, for society’s sake, don’t we celebrate the individuals that DO?

Don’t miss today’s episode as we branch off from our previous series on Wellness, to understand what it means to truly be “At Peace” with Ourselves, our Diagnosis and our Loved Ones.


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  • The process of bipolar disorder is one of seeing yourself as fully functional—perhaps with a few quirks—but a fully-included member of your family and friend or work group, to being forced to reckon with a sudden onset of mental illnesses that nobody wants to talk about. It’s something that would throw ANY human being off.

  • You are not flawed if it takes you YEARS to come to accept the full weight of responsibility for your diagnosis of bipolar.

  • Once you feel “at home” with Yourself again, the whole world changes and becomes a place of Discovery once again. You can actually feel “reborn” when you have this illness and learn the success tools of rebuilding a better version of yourself.


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