#145: How Do You Actually Make a Wellness Plan*?

empowerment strategy wellness Feb 10, 2022
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*The WRAP® and Wellness Action Recovery Plan® are trademarks of Advocates for Human Potential, Inc.

Where do you turn to when trying to make sense of a “recovery” from a high-impact or otherwise impairing or distressing bout of symptoms? Out of several tools that we can recommend, one stands out for its robust research-backed model—the Wellness Recovery Action Plan®, otherwise known by its shorthand, the “WRAP”.

What is this plan, and how can you begin to make one for yourself? Matthew walks us through these questions and shares from his own WRAP-making experience, which he has found tremendously beneficial to fall back on when life throws him a manic-depresssive or anxiety-laden curveball.

Don’t miss today’s episode as we follow on with being known for being WELL.


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(Carried over from Last Week’s Show)

  • Wellness is what people think is their state of optimal being. But because this is largely subjective, we need to qualify what makes for true wellness and what’s just normal life making you uncomfortable.

  • To get at a better understanding of Wellness you must succeed in blending physical, relational, emotional, spiritual and even your vocational, financial and recreational life domains to give you what makes for a life where you feel more in control of your day-to-day.

  • A person who has developed into a true Wellness practice is able to feel in control of their attitude and adjust their expectations for good things no matter what life’s circumstances bring them—especially when times are hard and the outlook is bleak.


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