#142: What Makes You Think Less of Yourself?

empowerment growth mindset Jan 20, 2022
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Today Mike and Matthew revisit the very first topic of The Bipolar Now Podcast—a whopping 3 years ago when it was first recorded and aired!—about the necessity of being the bigger person in your thought life.

Though this is easier said than done, playing a bigger game than the “victim-thinking” brought on by bipolar traumas is how you find strength and defeat distressing memories when they hit.

If you want to know what it truly takes to rebuild the life of your desires, this episode is a must-listen!

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  • Persons with a bipolar disorder diagnosis have “powers” of insight and empathy, among other unlearnable attributes, that make them unique and powerful individuals in society.

  • When we choose to censor our inner drive and capabilities (our knowledge base, achievements, skill sets and so forth) in order to help others accept us or feel less threatened by us, we form a pattern in our minds that can lead to deeper problems during times when we must be self-reliant in the face of symptoms.

  • Building a good life is hard. Building a good life with an active bipolar disorder is more than hard, and requires an entirely different mindset that’s focused on complete vigilance and responsibility. Don’t ever feel guilty beyond the reality of what’s happened, but it’s foolish and dangerous to attempt a major episodic recovery in self-isolation.


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