#14: Doing Your Best Work Ever

career mindset work Jun 20, 2019
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Doing work that’s fun and engaging is all the buzz these days. Employers talk about how exciting their companies are when talking to prospective members, but that rarely lives up to the hype once you get in the trenches with everyone.

Work by nature doesn’t lead to a pot of gold. In this episode, Mike and Daniel get real about chasing the fleeting rainbow of stable work when you have a bipolar disorder. And they learn a few things in the process.

If you’ve ever struggled to do consistent work, this is the episode that validates your experience. But of course, it wouldn’t be like the boys to leave you without a clear path forward. Plot your way to a better work life and an improved paycheck by listening for the one factor that drives all success in the workplace.

(Hint: you can control this factor!)

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  • There are parts of your nature that you can express in the workplace, that bipolar actually enhances. This is a good thing!

  • There are parts of your nature that bipolar can actually use against you in the workplace, so be aware of them and keep your job!

  • Having focus eliminates most of the work problems introduced by mental illness. And the good news is that focus can be developed.


Lifer Discussion Guide

The Lifer Guide questions for this week are designed to get you thinking about your work life and where you have the ability to make corrections. If you can push past your pride and answer these questions, you’ll be much closer to making gains in your employment. You gotta go for it!


The Questions:

1) What was your first job and what were you using the money for?

2) What job were you working when you first experienced bipolar symptoms? / What kind of bipolar episode was it and what happened to you as a result?

3) What’s your current job situation like? / Are you at a pit-stop or are you headed for the real destination?

4) What are some things you get right at work? / What do you bring to the job and your coworkers?

5) How much room for growth is there in your current job (or your last job)? / What do you prize most in having a job?

6) Do you focus at work? / What is the most challenging part of your job where focus is required?

7) How can you develop stronger focus on the job staring this week?


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