#120: Affirm Your Way to Quicker Recoveries

anxiety confidence growth Jul 22, 2021
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Have you ever thought to yourself, why do some people seem to be surrounded by praise and positivity—while everyone else just manages to stay out of the drama (maybe) and see another day? It’s not merely a question for the workplace. Everywhere you look people are experiencing and acting upon different realities. It’s just that some people are swiftly and consistently crowned for what seems to be so effortless for them.

There’s a reason for this, and it actually applies to doing life with bipolar disorder. Receiving consistent praise and adoration becomes an effective barrier for symptoms building up and growing worse. Even in depression the heart can be cheered by a good word. So what if there was a way to attract the right attention, for the right reasons, and to get that emotional paycheck every day?

It all starts with the relationship you have to yourself, and that’s what Mike shares at the outset of today’s show on The Bipolar Now Podcast. As it turns out, you can capitalize on the trendiness of affirmations, and construct a life that naturally attracts praise; without having to chant mantras or convince yourself of how amazing you really are.

You don’t want to miss it!


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  • There are three types of “affirmations” that you can use in your efforts to halt bipolar symptoms and thinking. They are the “validation” type, the “attraction” type, and the “validation-adjustment” type of affirmations. And when used together they can become quite powerful!

  • Depression is a liar and a thief. Once you recognize this, you can use your Lifer conversations and your collection of affirmations to punch a hole through the walls that depression has built around you. Don’t let it keep you away from the life you want, and from being the person you really are.

  • As you attract affirmation from others (the “validation” type), make sure you spend equal effort affirming others. Not everyone has this innate gift, but you can work at it until your praise for others flows like pure water from your heart space. Being affirmed is a gift that delights far into the future!


Lifer Discussion Guide

Use the questions in today’s Lifer Guide to assist you over any hurdles you may have to clear as you address your mental health. These are special conversations!

“Lifers” are people who have unwavering faithfulness. This assures you that they’ll stick by you through all the highs and lows that are normal for a life with mental health challenges. If you haven’t nominated a lifelong family member or friend as part of your non-medical support team, what are you waiting for? :-)


The Questions:

1) What’s an early memory of a compliment that you received, or what were you consistently praised for as a child?

2) How did those words from long ago stay with you as you grew and developed?

3) Are you naturally better at receiving affirmation, or at recognizing it in others? / What’s a story that would illustrate this?

4) How hard would it be to use affirmations when you’re feeling depressed? / How could you work at this, or who could you incorporate them to help turn around your thinking during depression?

5) Is there someone you could recognize and affirm right now? / What are you going to tell them?


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