#12: Your Perpetual Energy Machine

energy training wellness Jun 06, 2019
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One of the very first things people notice when they get diagnosed bipolar is a lack of energy. It’s like the wind gets taken right out of your sails and only comes back at random. When you don’t have the energy it doesn’t matter what your goals are for the day, they’ve got a slim chance of becoming real.

In this episode Mike shares a simple, repeatable pattern that you can follow to put more light in your eyes and “zip” in your step.

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  • To have more energy tomorrow, you need to start with tonight. Prep as much as you can and reset your living environment for a clean new start when the alarm rings.

  • Get your morning powered up by using it as an exercise in shaping your preferred identity.

  • Use your work day activity as motivation for socializing later on when you unwind.


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