#115: Take a Break Already (Especially When You're Wired)

energy recovery Jun 11, 2021
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Do you ever go to take a break—maybe it’s from work, maybe it’s from the kids, maybe it’s from the mental marathon of looking for a job—but all through your break, from one break to the next, you’re not able to shut off? And then you head back to wherever you need to be and you’re still exhausted?

If this keeps up all week, and it builds for weeks upon weeks, you can reach burnout very quickly. And when you have a brain-based disorder like bipolar, burnout can get very ugly. That’s why on today’s episode of The Bipolar Now Podcast, Mike shares on the necessity of getting a true break to relax and some ideas on how to do that.

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  • Doing any kind of work takes “brain reserve”—the sufficiency of mental energy that covers what you need to spend it on. When that brain reserve is tapped, you are essentially handicapped.

  • When designating a time and a place for an extended break—like a weekend—it can be helpful to design your downtime, piece by piece. Just don’t overload on activities!

  • Try to get two days in a row—again, like a weekend—where you plan and do nothing but the stuff that refills you. Get away from draining activities and people and just focus on recovering your mental battery life. A “Time Out” should feel like a short and powerful vacation.


Lifer Discussion Guide

Use the questions in today’s Lifer Guide to assist you over any hurdles you may have to clear as you address your mental health. These are special conversations!

“Lifers” are people who have unwavering faithfulness. This assures you that they’ll stick by you through all the highs and lows that are normal for a life with mental health challenges. If you haven’t nominated a lifelong family member or friend as part of your non-medical support team, what are you waiting for? :-)


The Questions:

1) When you were little, what was something you could get lost in doing for hours?

2) Nowadays, do you find that you are still discovering things like that?—Things that you can do for hours and have it fill your mind and your body with rest?

3) How hard is it for you to get a true “Time Out” these days?

4) When could you plan your next “Time Out” and what do you need to take a break from?

5) How could you get yourself to look forward to coming back once your break is over?


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