#11: Forced to Put Life on Hold

anxiety discernment story May 30, 2019
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Do you ever wonder where you’d be if you didn’t have so many setbacks from mental illness? On today’s show, Mike and Lou talk about the supportive nature of their friendship as they’ve together navigated ordinary painful roadblocks that come with bipolar.

This is an illness that creates interesting connections between those who suffer.

Everyone needs someone to push them in the right direction. Everyone needs to be invested in. When you’ve found such a person, they can richly add depth and meaning to your life.

Bipolar, even though it brings so much ruin, can be managed with a sweet, simple dose of responsibility and friendly help. When that happens, you’ll find yourself released from the cycle of illness that keeps you on hold.

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  • Everything about being hospitalized for mental health changes when you’re able to appreciate what the doctors and their staff are trying to do for you.

  • Owning up to mistakes you made while sick is a difficult thing to do, but the rewards for doing so are lifelong wisdom and understanding.

  • The luxury of your future being “on hold” is the luxury of learning. Take this opportunity to invest in yourself and grow.


Lifer Discussion Guide

You might think you’re the one whose life is on hold, but you just might discover that your Lifer feels the same! Use these questions for this week’s private chat with your supporter. You might find that it’s not such a bad deal to be stuck.

The Questions: 

1) Tell me a funny story of how you once used your manic energy! :-)

2) Do you feel stuck right now? / When did you realize that your life got put on hold?

3) What do you want to have in the near future that you don’t have right now?

4) Do you get a clear sense of what to do next in order to feel released from this hold?

5) How can we help each other get more out of this season of life?


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