#10 Waiting Patiently

discernment lifer May 23, 2019




Are you frequently frustrated by the result of your efforts? Do you feel stuck even though you’re fighting to stay in motion?

Once you have a compelling vision for how your life will function, you must keep yourself held captive by it. This is how a very resilient mind is developed, and it cuts through the sea of confusion and pressure like a sturdy ship’s bow breaking through the waves of the storm.

In this episode, Mike and Daniel open up about the friction in their work lives as a result of needing a vision for what it looks like in the future. Mike shares the story of patiently enduring his own need for a vision, the result of persistent self-refining.


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  • Impatience reveals a lack of vision and leads to forcing results, producing unintended consequences and undesirable effects.
  • Patience is like a farmer preparing all year for a harvest. You have to put in the work on your vision even when it looks like nothing is happening.
  • When you seek out and wait for a vision for your life, it will come and it will fit you exactly. Patience is breathtakingly beautiful!


Lifer Discussion Guide

Today’s questions are the PERFECT way to mature in patience and uncover a better vision for your life! As you and your Lifer open up, be prepared for a true challenge. You might see the future more clearly than them, or they might have something amazing to share with you about yours. Either way, don’t hold back in this week’s discussion time!


1) Tell me a great story about you being impatient recently! :-)

2) Where could you do a better job at waiting for the results you want to see?

3) Where do you (or did you) see me following a vision for my life? / How can you encourage me in this pursuit?

4) How could I make my personal vision for the future more attractive?


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