How to Create Rhythms for More Sustainable Mental Health

So you’ve got the basics of bipolar disorder on lock—and maybe you’ve had the chance to prove it when being tested by this sneaky creature. You’re gaining confidence week over week, and things are returning to normal.

Awesome! But there’s only one issue—if you’re not carefully managing your day within your overall goals, there’s a huge risk that what you build could collapse on you. But no need to fear! That’s why we have tasks and rituals and routines that set us up for optimum mental health.

It’s time to get serious about the simple power of crafting your ideal weekly and annual rhythms. That makes every day zip along as you find yourself engaged on the things that matter most to you—like having a stress-free blueprint for greatness.

Download the Master Rhythms Blueprint Builder below. You’ll get instant access to this epic planner full of game-changing ideas for how to get in motion. Get ready to learn the art and science of planning your way into success and stability.



#102: The saving power of habits

When you’re going through a bipolar depression, does it ever bring you to the breaking point? Like you just can’t find enough energy and will to maintain course? Sometimes though, you can. Have you sat down to figure out the...


#93: Your life’s GPS

Ever wake up and have nothing much to do? Do your days feel like you’re floating in a bowl of jelly? If so, you’re not alone. Bipolar disorder, with its constant flux of emotions and energy, can rob even the most dedicated working person of their desire to keep it all going...


#89 Creating a relief plan

There are some interesting things that come along with having a bipolar diagnosis for several years. In the early days, it’s all new and terribly unsettling. Things just haven’t worked out for you like you thought they would. But later on, as time goes by and you gain experience…


#79 Make creativity part of your recovery

Are you known for your creativity? Did you know you can use creativity as a way to gain greater recovery from bipolar symptoms and episodes? You can use it for something small like writing thank-you notes. Or you can plan a grand...


#75 Don’t throw away everything you know about life balance

Do you ever just wonder if “life balance” is a myth? Or if it isn’t, do you fear that you’ve got no real chance at achieving it? If you haven’t already figured this out, the world is trying to throw...


#65 Routines for the win

Do you ever fantasize about being able to follow a routine and not get knocked off the boat? If you’re anything like most people with bipolar disorder, this fantasy is a recurring one. Even though healthy patterns and schedules are part of what keeps us healthy, it seems like...


#43 How to recharge your batteries

Do you ever feel run down and completely drained of life? Like there’s no amount of sugar-free Red Bull in the world that’s gonna keep you goin’? Every day feels like you’re running a marathon, except for the fact that...


#12 Your Perpetual Energy Machine

One of the very first things people notice when they get diagnosed bipolar is a lack of energy. It’s like the wind gets taken right out of your sails and only comes back at random. When you don’t have the energy it doesn’t matter what...