Four Days to Freedom from Bipolar Stigmas


If you've ever wanted to know the EXACT recipe I use to keep myself free from the shame of mental illness, then you'll definitely be GAME for this amazing Challenge!


This Challenge is perfect for you if you've ever wanted to:

  • Reduce the mental clutter of having to remember who has and who does not have knowledge of your bipolar disorder. It won't even matter!

  • Have a job where you don't need to be perfectly "on" to be highly prized by your co-workers and bosses. I'll show you how it's done!

  • Have intimate "naked talk" with your Significant Other. Or be stress-free when dating and have them become only MORE attracted to you. WHAT!?

  • Just finding zero reasons to look down on yourself for having something you never asked for anyways! (Can I get an AMEN.)


I've taken everything I ever did to weed out the the stigmas about bipolar disorder from my life—12 TOTAL YEARS—and I've condensed it down into four very actionable activities.

When you're finished with this Challenge, you'll be equipped to do the same exact things. When a stigma pops up, you'll know exactly how to weed it out.




When you sign up you'll be notified the week before we start. And I'll be participating with you "live" each and every day. You don't want to miss this special time or the skill of knowing how to dismantle every sense of shame and guilt over this lifelong disease. I'm here to cheer you on the entire time!!

The Freedom Challenge is just $29.

In about 20 minutes per day you'll get REAL practice with the techniques, knowledge and mindset that have given me total freedom in how I manage myself and share (or not share) my mental health around others.

You're covered with a full, money-back guarantee. Just email me if you feel that this did not absolutely DELIVER for you!

*NOTE: 2024 Challenge Workshops will be announced pending participation interest. Signing up for a notification does NOT require any program payment.


“Everything Mike does is to give you quality of life back. It can be overwhelming to attempt on your own. This challenge is a structured, step-by-step, slow and steady way to focus on what’s most important for my mental health. For me, it’s a way to prove to myself and to others that I’m focused on getting better.”

Business Coach and Peace Plan founding member

What could you do if you had a stigma-free day, every day?

Don't pass up your chance to take care of it the RIGHT WAY! :-)