Tools That Take Me Farther

I customize a number of new technologies and old-school favorites to keep me pointed in the right direction at all times.

Way of Life

I use the premium version of this app to manage my success in having an ideal day. Just plug in the elements you want to track for your most stable self. Simple visuals let you see where you’re getting distracted and off-track.


It’s been said that people don’t decide their future. They decide their habits, and their habits decide their future for them. I track 1-2 new habits at a time until they stick, so I can move on to a better me.

Journals (Various)

I keep multiple physical journals to document reflections on my reading, reviewing my progress in business and life, and advancing my vision for the future. There’s nothing better than to peek back in a journal and be wowed by an entry or to see how far you’ve come!

Special Journal: #WINS

This is a tiny journal that I use nightly. As part of my bedtime routine I sit and record a snapshot of my day. I look at what went right and list three instances where I won out over a challenge or received some encouragement. This is a very fulfilling way to fall asleep!

Sleep Cycle

This app is my go-to for sleep tracking. It documents the quality of my Zzz and allows me to track the effects of food, social, and work on my sleep pattern. It has an intelligent alarm that wakes you in your lightest sleep phase so you rarely receive a rude “jolt”.


I’m shocked at how I ever got anything done or maintained my responsibilities without a calendar planner! This desktop and mobile app allows me to set up my ideal week as a recurring template and then plug in people and events for some much-needed balance.


I’m not hating on iTunes but Spotify is where it’s at for exciting new music! I actively curate poppin’ playlists for the routine parts of my day like mornings, exercise, and focused work. There’s nothing like great new music to move you through your day!

Make It Work for You

Don’t miss my special tips on getting more out of less technology, expert uses of these apps and the occasional new find. Weekly videos and live interactive sessions are over on the Bipolar Now Podcast group on Facebook.


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