#42 Having a GPS for better destinations

empowerment Jan 09, 2020




Are you able to find energy outside of bipolar depression, but you’re not sure where exactly you should spend it? Like if you knew you were headed towards something exciting, you would feel ready to get out of bed each day? But maybe as it is, the motivation is lacking.

Having trouble finding our way is only too common in this particular disease. Many people venture off into the various areas of their life (finances, romantic relationship, health, work, etc.) without any declaration of where they are going. It’s pretty dang confusing.

In today’s episode of The Bipolar Now Podcast, you’ll see that once you’ve got the “big pieces” of life staring at you from your notebook (Yes, there are notes to take in this episode!), you can relax knowing that you only need to know where you’re going one destination at a time.


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  • Asking “How can I survive with a mental illness?” is nowhere near as productive as asking, “Where can I get BETTER in how I do life with a mental illness?”
  • Unpredictability happens even with the GPS locked in. Your turn-by-turn instructions can make you feel lost, because this is a place you’ve never been to before.
  • Don’t wait to set your GPS in at least one “life domain”. Why drift aimlessly for another year before making a declaration of where you’ll go?


Lifer Discussion Guide

Use the questions in today’s Lifer guide to help you look for ways that you’ve avoided setting a destination for yourself. “Lifers” are special people who have the kind of faithfulness to you that assures you they’ll be there when called upon. If you haven’t nominated a Lifer as part of your non-medical support team, what are you waiting for? :-)

1) Have you ever gotten lost while driving even when you had GPS? / Where were you trying to go?

2) Describe your level of comfort with setting a personal GPS in the life categories described in the show.

3) What is the one life domain (life category as described in the show) that you can make your major “push” this year? / How can I help you stay committed to your new GPS?


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