#4: Fill Your Well and Be Consistently Inspired

depression lifers Apr 06, 2019



One thing that kills a spirit of enthusiasm and forward momentum is the debilitating disinterest that's cooked up by bipolar's depressive phase.

Studies have shown that those of us with this illness spend up to 80% of our year dealing with effects of a downward episode. But what if we could cut that number down? Like, WAY down?

It turns out that staying interested in healthy and enjoyable activities, as well as keeping our minds in motion with new material makes a massive difference.

In this episode Daniel and Mike reveal the places they go to stay inspired and growing as professional, family, and community leaders and how you can copy them for a better quality of life!


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  • Growing in your chosen profession is a strategic way to dodge depression's grip.
  • Bipolar manias generate new personal interests and this is actually a good thing!
  • Your "inner circle" of friends is a fertile place to be poured into by caring people. Be challenged by sharp and savvy people who want you to succeed.


Download your copy of the "Starter Kit" that's mentioned in this episode. This has the well-filling (inspiration) activity as well as the Lifer questions that Mike and Daniel use to keep themselves sharp and enjoying their various interests.


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