#33 Be Consistent

empowerment Oct 31, 2019




Are you lacking in quality friendships? Does your family bother you with questions about your decision making abilities? Are you moving ahead steadily? Or do you just see yourself taking a step forward only to have it retracted backwards by mental illness? It could be because you’re lacking the right kind of consistency.

Steadiness is an illusion to most people when there’s a bipolar disorder in play. How exactly can we make a winning game plan when the field of life is littered with potholes and mines?

In today’s episode of The Bipolar Podcast, Mike shares about how having consistency in just a few critical areas of self-care are truly transformational. Getting this right is the difference between bipolar’s destructive forces causing you to fail or causing you to stay functional.


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  • There are nine critical “multipliers” of mental health. Three of them are paramount to establishing healthy consistency as a life pattern.
  • Taking the time and effort to establish consistency pays off big time in the ability to pace or even stay a step ahead of bipolar triggers.
  • Consistency delivers you from trouble. It can even deliver you from destruction, which is what happens when people give up being consistent and throw in the towel on themselves.


Lifer Discussion Guide

There is no Lifer discussion guide for today’s episode of the show. A decisive action would be to write down the nine critical “multipliers” of mental health, and ask a trusted family member or other Lifer to point out which ones you are naturally great at, and what you could do to improve one or two others.


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