#16 Time for Healing

forgiveness Jul 03, 2019




There’s no denying it. No matter who you are, no matter how agreeable or gracious or kind, when there’s a bipolar disorder it is impossible to escape friction, regret, and shame. But finding the way out of this isn’t obvious or easy.

Bipolar disorder cuts through relationships like a hot knife to butter. We’ve engaged in questionable or dangerous activities. We’ve said things we wish we could take back. Others say and do things that keep getting airtime in our heads.

When the low-lights of your past come back to you it takes living in forgiveness and a proactive approach to drain the destructive energy out of these thoughts. Mike and Daniel take time on the show to explain how this can be accomplished.


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  • Healing is 100% possible. You only need to take the right steps and remain determined.
  • Mending the heart requires owning your disorder and using the knowledge you’ve gained to educate the people who’ve hurt you. It doesn’t matter if they don’t “get it”.
  • Get a fresh lease on life by also forgiving yourself. This can be the hardest step to follow through on, but it pays off with enhanced mental stability.


Lifer Discussion Guide

This week’s Lifer guide is a critical conversation. Maybe your Lifer has said some ignorant things about your situation. Maybe they’ve never understood bipolar disorder other than the obvious symptoms. This week is where that begins to change for both of you. If you’re serious about healing in your heart, these questions are the place to start!


1) What are some “automatic” thoughts that pop into your head when I say, “Forgive”?

2) Tell me about a memorable instance where you had to forgive someone else. / What happened?

3) Is there anyone who needs you to ask for forgiveness? / How do you think they would respond to you?

4) How strong is your knowledge of bipolar disorder? / Have I said or done anything ignorant to hurt you?

5) What is one thing you need to forgive yourself for? / How will you actually do that? / May I check on how that’s going for you?


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