#109: Making a big decision is actually pretty simple

empowerment story strategy Apr 29, 2021
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Do you ever notice how incredibly difficult it is to make routine decisions when you’re mentally ill? You might be stuck for hours trying to decide whether to take a walk or go to the gym for your daily exercise. You might not even make a decision between whether to go to the store or eat leftovers for the next two days. 

So how exactly do you make a REAL decision? You know, the one that’s been nagging you for months. Maybe even years. Unfortunately in bipolar disorder we can push our big decisions indefinitely into the future. Or, on the other hand, we can be pushed to make an immediate choice because we believe it will end the suffering!

On today’s episode, Mike shows us how to make major decisions that aren’t (entirely) motivated by a lack of mental health. In this episode you’ll learn a three-part decision making framework that’s easy to remember, but sometimes difficult to face. But even though big decisions aren’t easy, the right ones bring you greater peace. 

And maybe that’s what you’ve been looking for the whole time.


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  • Oftentimes, in bipolar disorder, we initiate a decision but lack the follow through. This becomes worrisome to us and incredibly frustrating (at times) to your loved ones and friends.


  • It’s important to pay attention to your brain and your body when faced with a major decision. Bipolar disorder might be your brain telling you, “We don’t do this!”


  • You can recover from big decisions made in haste. But it’s better to go through that decision armed with wisdom and knowledge, in addition to “going with your gut”.


Lifer Discussion Guide

Use the questions in today’s Lifer Guide to assist you over any hurdles you may have to clear as you address your mental health. These are special conversations!

“Lifers” are people who have unwavering faithfulness. This assures you that they’ll stick by you through all the highs and lows that are normal for a life with mental health challenges. If you haven’t nominated a lifelong family member or friend as part of your non-medical support team, what are you waiting for? :-)


The Questions

1) What was an early big decision you remember making?

2) Think about a recent big decision you made: what did it involve?

3) Do you make decisions rationally or with your “gut” feeling? / Do you think either one is more important than the other for coming to a good choice of action?

4) What is the biggest, hardest decision you are facing right now? / How long have you labored over this?

5) Do you have any mentors who can help you with this decision? / If not, would you let me counsel you?

6) What would bring you more peace in the long run over this decision—to go with your plans, or to let it go and send it to the “recycle bin” for a later time?


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