#106: The attributes that define better diagnoses

empowerment recovery strategy Apr 16, 2021
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Have you ever found an interview or news statement about a celebrity or a performer who has bipolar? Do you wonder what allows them to perform at high levels and under a high amount of social pressure? It might be that there are hidden drivers which allow a person to simply suffer with this illness on a different level.

In today’s episode of The Bipolar Now Podcast, Mike shares what he learned from his recent readings. While we can’t eliminate suffering in bipolar disorder, we can discover our natural attributes that aid us in the struggle. And if we find ourselves lacking these qualities, we can always labor to improve. Don’t miss this eye-opening show!


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  • Knowing which attributes contribute to your overall mental health will give you a better vocabulary. And better vocabularies lead to a less confounding diagnosis.


  • Attributes are different than skills. Attributes are ingrained in us from a young age, while skills are things that are learned. Leaning into the strengths of your attributes is more effective in mental health than any skills you learn to cope with it.


  • In bipolar disorder, it’s all about recoveries—how well and how quickly you can maneuver around difficulties. Improving your existing attributes will lead to a better recovery every time.


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There is no Lifer guide for this episode, but you can use the techniques and workarounds in this episode to open up a conversation this week about the attributes you want to display. “Lifers” are special people who have the kind of faithfulness to you that assures you they’ll be there when called upon. If you haven’t nominated a Lifer as part of your non-medical support team, what are you waiting for? :-)


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